Recovery Maintenance Workshop


career counselor NYC – Pamela Garber

For over 15 years, I have fine tuned the resumes, cover letters, brag books, and supplemental material of my clients, discussed their work performance, company culture,goals- but this is always secondary to what we must do first.

First, we must identify where it is you want to be-in respect to:

» Tasks
» People
» Place
» Pace

Is it the right fit for you? Statistically we spend more hours at work then we do with our family. Finding yourself in the wrong career is like wearing shoes that don't fit – very uncomfortable.

Career coaching, like therapy, delves into personality traits, feelings and thoughts-but-with career coaching, the focus is on the occupational goals that you determine and together we create a plan of action, one with measurable steps, goals and timelines.

What is Corporate Coaching – Executive Coaching – and Entrepreneur Coaching?
Corporate Coaching can be scheduled as individual or group therapy that targets issues pertaining to the shared, unique company/corporate culture and may include (but is not limited to)

» Company take-overs
» Structural changes
» Promotions/demotions
» Employee conflicts
» Policy grievances
» Work performance
» Goals and goal preparedness
» Industry changes
» Economic changes
» Current Events impact
» Managing company/corporate culture

Executive Coaching is more individualized than Corporate Coaching. Executive Coaching is often done individually, though may be one or more. These are generally smaller groups and may be grouped according to common ground, not necessarily from the same corporation or from a shared industry. (An example is my anger management group which is attended by executives from multiple industries and corporations.)

Entrepreneur Coaching has aspects of both of the above, but is targeted to self-employed business owners and addresses the issues unique to this population. Examples are:

» Goal Setting
» Outsourcing
» Issues of Control verses productivity
» Partnerships and the psychology behind them

What are the benefits?

» The ability to gain a clinician's insight, feedback, and suggestions.

The opportunity to clearly discuss concepts, such as:

» How to identify emotional factors that are impasses to meeting quota and objectives
» Managing staff
» Delegating work to co-workers
» Accepting feedback from co-workers and management
» Image maintenance vs. personal disclosure
» Management of emotions in business relationships
» Encroachment of unresolved personal habits
» Establishing a coping strategy for work related uncertainty
» (EX. External Locus of Control vs. Internal Locus of Control)

A set, structured time to discuss challenging thoughts and feelings, strategize for creating improvements, and identify a coping philosophy for the status quo – also known as "Maintenance in the Meantime".

Learning to cope with, manage and navigate through company/corporate culture.
How are appointments structured?

Appointments are scheduled via phone or e-mail. Payments must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment via Pay-Pay. 24 hour cancellation notice is required and a credit for the time will be applied. Appointments are 60 minutes.

Prior experience includes the following companies:

Citrix, IBM, Tyco, Cisco, Bellsouth, Blackstone, ReMax, Morton's, Marriott, Hilton.

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