What is Emotional Well-Being?

Think of internal peace through imperfection. Within this state, you have contentment and are living a life that you feel matches your goals and values. Where you live, work, your family life, your social life, and conduct stay within the parameters of your own nature. When need be, you recalibrate an aspect of your life that feels out of your parameters. Recalibrating may take time and may be painful, life may feel quite imperfect, but you are equipped to make adjustments.

Does having emotional well-being mean my life is satisfying, fun and free from depression and anxiety?

More Often yes than no....but not always. When life feels dissatisfying in one area of life, you have resources within the other areas to draw from for comfort as you make the needed changes. Changes can be internal changes to your cognitive outlook, external changes in your actions or both. Regardless of your level of emotional well-being and resources, seeking professional help is always an option.

How can I take a first step to achieving emotional well-being?

The first step begins with taking psychological ownership of your life. Assess your overall level of happiness. Identify your other common emotions. See where your emotions fall within your schedule. (Think of schedule as a means of tracking your environments) Notice common-alities within your various environments. This is the starting point of taking ownership over how you truly feel about your life.

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