Recovery Maintenance Workshop

Making the decision to get psychotherapy can be a difficult one to make for anyone who is suffering from any mental disorder. That being said, it is also a good decision that can bear fruitful results, helping individuals who need it to make meaningful choices about how to live their lives. If you believe that therapy can benefit you and nurture your growth, get psychotherapy in the Financial District and Midtown East, NYC today from Grand Central Counseling Group.

Pamela Garber is a licensed and accomplished psychotherapist with years of experience in providing needed psychotherapy for clients in the Financial District and Midtown East, NYC. She provides treatment for a wide range of mental disorders but specializes in ones stemming from family-related issues, depression, anxiety, and stress resulting from life-changing events. Additionally, Pamela provides assessments for eating disorders and pre-surgery counseling for a number of procedures. For more information on this, please proceed to our Services Page.

Pamela also provides relationship therapy which can be extremely beneficial for couples going through some tough times. There are many reasons why couples may feel the need to seek counseling. It could be because of a problem that's glaringly obvious, or it could be the result of an unexpected life event that has put a strain on the relationship.

With proper counseling from a professional therapist, couples can learn how to manage conflict and even develop healthier communication habits to improve their relationship. Regardless of the severity and nature of the problem, couples can benefit from this form of therapy in many ways. So if you need relationship therapy in the Financial District and Midtown East, NYC, schedule an appointment to get started. You may call us at 917-975-6559 or proceed to our Contact Page and use the form provided there. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us.

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