Recovery Maintenance Workshop

If any of the situations mentioned below apply to you, then teletherapy or online counseling in the Financial District and Midtown East, NYC may be a better option for you.

  • Does Getting to your therapy appointment sometimes feel like running an obstacle course?
  • Does coordinating your great escape out of the office sometimes require the planning of a CIA maneuver?
  • Do you wish you could schedule therapy outside of normal business hours?
  • Is the "Six Degrees of Separation" rule of the city unwelcomed when you are in your therapist's office waiting room or en route to your appointment?

The above reasons barely scratch the surface of what some clients may be struggling with and I believe that they need a safe and comfortable space to tackle their issues. Those are major contributors to my decision in implementing Skype into my counseling services.

What are Teletherapy (phone therapy sessions) and Skype Therapy? Teletherapy(therapy via the phone) offers counseling sessions using the phone. Skype is a service provided by Microsoft at no cost to the user and allows users to communicate by voice using a microphone (usually included as part of the computer) and video by using a webcam (also part of most of today's computers).

Main Advantages of Skype Therapy Sessions:

  • You calmly access your therapy session in your own desired surroundings.
  • Eliminates wear and tear of transportation and travel time.
  • Eliminates coworker visibility leaving your office.
  • Minimizes time away from accessibility.
  • No risk of bumping into someone while enroute or in the waiting room.

If these options are more comfortable for you, please schedule an appointment to get started on your online counseling in the Financial District and Midtown East, NYC.

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