Recovery Maintenance Workshop

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We Explore the Workings of the Gamechanger Mind With Therapist Pamela Garber

"This week I’m joined by mediator and therapist Pamela Garber. Pamela has been credited with creating a game changing behaviour modification program– “Playing the Tape” which has been used in residential and outpatient treatment programs with remarkable results."

A Therapist's Advice on Helping Employees After a Crisis

Recovery Maintenance Workbook: Where Preparation Intercepts Relapse

Mediation – An Integral Part of Effective Individual Therapy Sessions

Pamela Garber breaks down the mechanics of mediation within individual therapy.

“After seventeen years of providing therapy in private practice, I became a mediator. From my mediation instructor’s first sentence and throughout the training, there was an unquestionable link between the core philosophy and structure of mediation and the clinical family systems approach of facilitating couples and family therapy sessions. ... “

Tips to Staying Happy and Healthy in Uncertain Times

Pamela Garber gives useful tips on how to stay happy and healthy during the pandemic crisis.

“We’ve all had to find a way to make the homefront a comfy haven during this time of crisis. Many of us have morphed our homes into business offices, classrooms, makeshift gyms and family reunion venues. While channeling our inner Martha Stewart, we are bombarded with pandemic news alerts in the background. Multitasking takes on a whole new level of stress as we contemplate our country’s physical safety, foreign relations, and economic survival while running on treadmills, cooking family meals, maintaining our careers and schooling our kids — all from home. ...”

The False Intimacy Trap

Pamela Garber talks about how the phenomenon of false intimacy is being normalized in today's fast-paced world, and some may be more susceptible than others.

"Some people are addicted to dangerous new romance. But in our frantic, high-tech world, anyone might mistake charm and speed for true closeness, leaving them abused and shattered in love. ..."

Dating by App

Pamela Garber talks about the accessibility and authenticity of dating apps.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, single people met other single people in real life, choosing their dates and eventual life partners from those they met at school and work or through introductions by friends. There was an interactive setting at a bar called a happy hour. Alcohol and small talk, including flirting, would ensue. Phone numbers would be given out or denied accordingly, and people unofficially began the process of getting to know each other. …”

The Best Antidepressants Have Paws

Pamela Garber talks about how relationships with pets provide unconditional love and increase mental health.

“The Pet Planet Magazine asks: Please explain how owning a pet can increase mental health. I've known some people in deep distress, how can an animal make a difference? …”

The Other Side of Smarts

Pamela Garber provides tips on how to increase your emotional intelligence and master love, life, and work.

“At the corporate offices of a national security alarm company, Tina and Jennifer introduce new hires to the folks in human resources. The training session begins with Becky, a shy but eager-to-please receptionist who has volunteered to host at the lectern. She starts by asking Tina and Jennifer for some background information and jots down details on index cards. After the new hires and the rest of the employees take their seats, a nervous Becky dives in but gets the details of Tina's bio wrong. …”

The Power of Therapy

Pamela Garber discusses how psychotherapy can lift mood, ease stress, and promote success by altering the brain.

“Right from the start, James Carpenter, today an adjunct professor in psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was fascinated by patients in extreme states -- those suffering psychosis, hallucinations, and delusions; the dissociated, said to contain multiple personalities within a single body; the relentlessly suicidal and depressed. These were wastebasket patients, considered untreatable except with shock therapy or heavy doses of devastating psychiatric drugs -- medicines that could integrate personalities by flattening intellect, or banish voices while the person's facial muscles and limbs flew out of control. …”

A Psychotherapist Explains When It’s Acceptable for Mental Health Professionals to Break Patient Confidentiality

Pamela Garber lays out the moral considerations for outing a potentially dangerous patient.

"I was shaken and transfixed in the aftermath of the shootings at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Like most of those in the United States, prevention was on my mind. According to partial psychiatric records obtained by the Miami Herald, the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, confided ‘gory fantasies’ and dreams to a school therapist in 2014. ..."

4 Therapy Tools to Bring to the Divorce Mediation Table

Pamela Garber discusses 4 therapy tools that are used in tandem with mediation as well as how and why they work.

“A client, Steve*, came to see me after learning of his first wife’s infidelity. He sat across from me visibly angry. He wanted to 'leave this relationship with the same monies he had when he entered into it.' …”

Thinking Like a Business Owner: A philosophy and business plan for survivors of family of origin abuse

Pamela Garber talks about her experience as a survivor of Family of Origin Abuse and how she used her experience in her practice to tackle issues of clients with the same circumstance.

"I am a therapist in private practice for over twenty years. I am also a survivor of Family of Origin Abuse. As I encourage my clients to do when facing a life altering event, I gave my life a deep dive audit. The outcome was a philosophy and a business plan proven beneficial for the survivors of family of origin abuse I've worked with in my practice. ..."

Domestic Violence: The Pre-Abuse Phase

Pamela Garber tackles on the early warning signs of domestic violence.

“Even with external appearances seeming normal at times, domestic abuse relationships have a unique feel, even before there is any incident of indisputable abuse. …”

Virtual Management Provides Tangible Results

Pamela Garber discusses the unique methods required to manage virtual teamwork effectively. (p.29)

"It takes a skillful manager to mention the elephant (laptop) in the room and yet prevent the at-home virtual format from overshadowing the actual work. There's no need to make the problem any bigger than it already is, and in many cases there is no need to see virtual management from home as a problem. The first step is embracing impromptu situations on the home front, including pets and people who accidentally make their way in front of the camera and onto the team's computer screens. …”

Workplace Bullying with Pamela Garber

Pamela Garber is interviewed about the issues of bullying in the workplace

Gene's Story: Playing the Tape

Pamela Garber tells the story of Gene's battle with alcoholism and road to recovery

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