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Making the decision to pursue therapy is a choice often made during a time when making yet another decision feels cumbersome. The process of initiating therapy and meeting with a new therapist can be somewhat stressful. Following is some information about my clinical approach and background.

I strongly believe that people are not defined by a diagnosis or demographic. The actual special process of therapy is not solely determined by your diagnosis, demographic category, or immediate circumstances in a paint-by-numbers-approach.

The therapist and client have a shared purpose of participating in a structured conversation that will clarify core beliefs, identify unresolved conflicts, and establish realistic options, goals – short term and long.

I have extensive experience helping clients work through family of origin issues, depression, anxiety, and stress due to professional and personal life challenges. I enjoy combining insight-oriented psychotherapy with the structured goal setting aspect of behavioral counseling. When beneficial, I encourage a team approach and make available referrals to general practitioners, nutritionists, psychiatrists, or other professionals. I understand that many of my clients are working full time and beyond, some are pursuing additional vocational and creative goals while striving to maintain family commitments.

My style is supportive and direct with the goal in mind of working with you for the shared target of you facing life feeling better prepared, better informed, and more secure that when we first spoke. Because my style makes work in sessions collaborative, many of my clients bring notebooks to session and do outside homework.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Pamela Garber, LMHC

Pamela Garber, LMHC
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