Bio and Contact

Bio and Contact

Education and Training:

Pamela Garber graduated from the University of Texas. She attended graduate school at Nova Southeastern University, where she studied behavioral therapy with Nate Azrin, Ph D – and researched studies of Antabuse for alcoholism- (frequent relapse patients took Antabuse knowing the drug would lead to their suffering nausea sickness if they consumed alcohol. This pairing of stimulus (alcohol) and consequence (sickness) is legendary in its effectiveness for the successful extinguishing of alcohol consumption by those with the desire to abstain.)

Studies at Nova also included a comprehensive curriculum of psychoanalytic therapy, with an emphasis on learning the application of psychodynamic therapy. Insights achieved during the process part of psychodynamic therapy are invaluable, and its free association/conversational style is an effective pairing with the structured cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The two approaches work well in tandem.

Since completing EMDR training and becoming a certified EMDR practitioner in 2014, Pamela has written journal articles explaining the process of EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing- the mechanics and its significant research results.

Early Work and Ongoing Training:

My early work began while an undergraduate, completing intake assessments and observing the recidivism of emotional decline, addiction, and criminal behaviors. My early work taught me that, (in terms of day to day routine life) – two lessons – first, that the tragic tunnels we go through in life are often the result of choices we make and second – that these choices can seem so deceptively minimal and inconsequential in the moment. The one little tilt of a domino that seems like nothing and only takes a second not only creates an effect, but this first domino tilt gets hidden in all the larger mess. Finding this domino – where we first tilted against our own best interest- is part of therapy. At the same time, it is also important determine if there is a deeper meaning, a form of symbolism in the suffering. It is easy to focus on ridding ourselves of something, but sometimes important to understand why it is there in the first place.

Continuing my work in private practice gives me a familiarity of the different industries in which my clients work. Knowing them means knowing their environments, including the work and the personality of their unique fields.

I draw metaphors from running, such as mile markers – for the breaks you can sometimes find within demanding days, sprints- for when your endurance is tested, and marathon – for when you are in the long haul, with no mile marker reprieve.

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